$3000 Lost AGAIN!! Don’t let this be you





AAAAGGHHHHHH, I’m frustrated!!!





It has happened again, Another Coral sea owner did not take our advice.. Result – they found out the hard way that all insurances are not equal………… To the tune of $3000.



Have you got the wrong insurance?


From More than 400 tenants, we have had only 5 tenant defaults so far this year. An awesome result for sure… BUT..


Only 3 of these owners had taken our advice and held policies with Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance. Result – All three of these owners ended up less than $150 out of pocket INCLUDING the cost of all re-letting expenses, advertising, let fees, court costs and lost rent.



How to lose $3000….don’t take our advice.


The 2 owners without Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance are both out of pocket more than $3000. Or to be more precise; about the same cost as the next 10 years worth of landlords insurance premiums.


If you have not got it right you will not be covered!!


If you have not got Terri Scheer Landlords Insurance, experience again proves you will not be covered when it matters.


We ONLY recommend Terri Scheer Landlords Insurance.

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If your landlords insurance is not with Terri Scheer then CHANGE NOW.


See our Landlords insurance owner info sheet for more.


It costs $322 to be fully covered AND the premium is tax deductible.


To discover the Importance of having the “RIGHT” Landlord Insurer, Elley Hudson our Operations Manager gives you an example of her experience dealing with Insurance Claims. Check it out!! 


Please don’t be our next newsletter story, contact Terri Scheer today or call in our office on (07) 4724 1723 and Change NOW.


Shaun Podbury



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