Let the war begin!!!

Property managers Townsville

We’ve been sneaking up for months now, but the cat (or Chairman!) is finally out of the bag.


You’ve seen the flags & read the articles, now its time to unleash the pirates full guns broadside. The pirates of the coral sea have declared war on the fat bloated inefficient corporate wankers of traditional realestate. Like you we are sick and tired of seeing owners and tenants treated badly by lazy property mangers so we decided to declare war.


Boom! Bring your property to coral sea and if its vacant more than 14 days well pay your rent!


Crash ! If your not delighted with our service, don’t pay, no questions no asterixes.


Clang! No lockin contracts


The first shots have been fired and im sure none of you will be surprised that there has been a few casualties among the traditional agents,


The magpie legged corporates have gone ghostly white and tremble at the knees.


They cant do that! Its not fair! So much wining we need a plate of cheese to go with it!


We decided to shake up the industry and give all our fellow landlords back choice.


These guarantees extend to all our current owners, but you all already know about our low vacancy rates and no lockins, So were happy to add our not happy don’t pay guarantee to everyone.


We  would love to have you all join in and spread the word and help poke fun at the silly lazy corporate agents.


So tell your friends, tell your enemies, but most of all tell the silly corporates,


The Pirates of the Coral Sea have declared war on bad property management and crap service.





Shaun Podbury

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