The Testimonial That Brought the Staff To Happy Tears!


G’day to the team at Coral Sea.


Two weeks ago was the first contact I had with Angelique from Coral Sea Property managers.  I was impressed so much by the leaflet that I just had to call.  The leaflet was unusual to say the least, it was very colourful, in a pirate theme and had a guarantee.


Now who hears of and agent that will guarantee their work by saying they will pay the rent on day 15?  



To give you an idea our property was vacant for 3 months and 3 days, with over 16 applications and no tenant good enough!  It took me a week to make sure I wasn’t jumping in with my eyes shut ( was it just too good to be true? ) before I sacked the other agent.


That could have been another weeks rent!!



In just 6 days ( including the weekend) my property was rent for 15 months at $380 per week, which is $10 a week MORE than the other agent had it listed at…….with a result in just 6 days……that is just incredible any way you look at it.  I was almost speechless!!!!


It wasn’t a re-let, it was a brand new property to the agency.  The girls said it was a ROCK STAR moment for them as well.


Let’s look at what the other agent has cost me with no result. 12 weeks at $370/ wk = $4400. Coral Sea  less than a week vacancy = $1051.


THAT’S $3349.00 that could HAVE BEEN IN MY POCKET!!!!!!



The team at Coral Sea ROCK!!!!   


Immediately I was struck by the easy and straight forward manner of the team, I just love folks who can call a spade a spade.  The constant updates without excuses is quite refreshing.  As you can imagine after 3 months with no rent I was right out of patience with hearing excuses.


If you are having trouble with your agent or can’t get a tenant, I urge you to talk to these guys, TRUST THEM with your investment and pay their fees because THEY ARE WORTH IT!!!!!


Genuinely over the moon,



Michael McConachy
Wilton NSW


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