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Hi Stella and Team Coral Sea,


We know it has been a little while coming and for us something we don’t do, but, in this case we are very happy to put pen to paper and write a Testimonial.






The Coral Sea team, what can we say but … WOW … ok, let’s get past all the great adjectives and down to the nuts and bolts. From Shaun (and the Chairman) down through to the girls, not forgetting Cameron, the TEAM is just that A TEAM! Everyone is professional; everyone is curties, prompt, knowledgeable and very very patient. Nothing is too much trouble, be it a phone call, question, research, follow up, guidance and/or holding your hand and stepping you through a situation. If anything is over looked (rarely happens), you are called and given an apology, not an excuse … oh and they have the answer for you to.


_Our Experience_


Our property started out as the family home until we posted out of area down south, way down south, turning us into remote investors (bring on the nightmare). We’ve rented our property for over 10 years now and from day one we rented solely through only one property agent. For the first couple of months, yes couple of months, everything was running … ok … then it hit us! The agent changed property managers weekly for some time then every month or so for six-nine months. Being interstate meant that contact was very limited, phone calls (not always returned, excuses why, no answers) e-mails with no value and that feeling you are bothering the hell out them. Rent was sometimes late, tenants were vetted but, we somehow wound up with the ones who thought it their right to leave the place in a mess. Gardens over grown, lawns not mowed, damaged fittings and fixtures, walls with holes from ‘darts’ and bonds paid when these should have been used to assist with the damage … well you get the picture. We stayed because we knew no better and felt we ‘owed’ loyalty to the agent. Finally it had gotten to the stage where we had little to no contact with our agent, we had little to no knowledge of what state our property was in and only had a name on a piece of paper for the tenant.


_Stepping Up_


We decided it was time, sell the property or find another agent …

another agent it was! We started looking and reading everything we could get our hands on about other property agents, finally we came across a property agent which appeared on the outset to be run like a well oiled military unit/SQN … I can relate to this. We phoned and spoke with Angelique who for us was the first contact we’d had with Coral Sea, from here it was up and up. We spent the next couple of days to a week, speaking with Angelique by phone and corresponding via e-mail to ensure we were totally comfortable with Coral Sea. We also conducted further research as we received more and more information noting, once bitten twice shy! Finally it was time, we signed off and jumped ship … and have not looked back! After signing up, the process of transferring from our old agent was taken care of by the Coral Sea girls. Then we spoke with Shaun, no holds straight shooter who tells you how it is and how he and his team ARE going to help us. Shaun explained his business, his and the business ethics and makes every attempt to make you feel as one of the team. Everything Shaun said back then has stood fast.


NOTE: all the information you read online and in the ever so useful Newsletters, is straight up and more importantly, helpful to boot. There are also no hidden fees either.


_End State_


So, we have stopped worrying about our investment and have seen first hand that our property is being treated as though it belongs to the team.


You reading this … we won’t presume to take up anymore of your time, but we will close by saying this, should you find yourself in a situation where you and your property are feeling like rounds are coming down range and you have no cover or feel as you are being treated as a meal ticket … then I tell you to jump ship to Coral Sea. As an old recruit instructor said once ‘boy take a leap of faith’ … well you won’t regret your decision. Besides, the team will tell you if they cannot help you. Oh yea, their sense of humour, quirky one liners, funny photos are not the norm BUT are right on the mark. The Chairman we’ve not met yet, but for our money he has the ship heading in the right direction, thanks mate!!/*


Stella, again, we thank you and the team for all your support, previously, now, and in the future.




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