Good Morning Shaun,


Sorry for not responding sooner, we started our big move just as soon as we collected the keys on Friday and it was a weekend long process but all worth it because this house is absolutely stunning, I love it.




And yes, I agree that I am naughty, cake is a pregnant women’s privilege (so they say) Cheese cake was my favorite craving, however 37 weeks along, I’m kinda over it but I knew you would all enjoy it. 


My children and I wanted to say thank you for our beautiful rental home and we appreciate the effort you and your staff have gone through to prepare everything and make us feel welcomed as new tenants. I feel very blessed and it’s rare that you get such special treatment from your realty. So again thank you! My husband will be proud of me, he’s due home next week and we can not wait to show off our new home. 


I look forward to our journey ahead & I don’t expect any favors or special treatment for this gesture, you and your team are a great bunch of people and do an excellent job. All I ask is that you keep it up 😉 


Have a fantastic day, I’m off to scrub down my old home, no one does the job better than me! 


Kind regards,

Stacey Mataroa

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