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Not receiving service from your property manager?


“I was getting quite annoyed at the level of service I was receiving from my property manager which I had two properties with. Initially the level of service was quite good and to start with I was happy. Once I was locked in that’s when things started to go downhill, so I let things go for a couple months until I stopped making excuses for them”. 


He decided to change.


“I decided to take a look around I looked on the internet to see what I could find. I was amazed when I come across Coral Sea’s web site as everything they listed promising they would not do my previous land agent had been doing, almost comical. I was impressed firstly at their website with the level of information it gave but also the idea of them being accountable for their actions is something that I believe is something that all of us as a society needs to do”.


What about Coral Sea? 


“I gave Coral Sea a call and left the rest up to them, I was happy with the response I got and they were true to their word and organised everything and I now have moved both my properties to Coral Sea. The first month and a small hiccup, Coral Sea was not happy with the level of service they gave me and guess what first month free. I was not that fussed but true to their word they have insisted in not charging me for the first month and I was not going to argue”.


Jason is NOW a happy owner with Coral Sea because we manage his property like its our own while he is in another state.


Jason, S


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