Better to be Safe than Sorry

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 Every cent I thought was lost went straight back into my account


“When Coral Sea first took me through the benefits of having specialised Landlord’s Insurance, I thought even though it is an extra cost, I just couldn’t look past it. The fact that they protect you from so many unwanted situations such as, tenants not paying their rent, tenants abandoning the property, court costs, malicious damage to a property plus many more. I just really couldn’t say no”.


“And to this day I am so happy I said yes! Unfortunately my tenants at the time stopped paying rent and left the property abandoned. Straight away a claim was made by Coral Sea Property Management to my Landlord’s Insurance provider and I was told it would take around 28 days for the claim to be processed. Within 5 days I received word that the claim had been processed and within 14 days from then, I received every cent I thought I had lost straight into my bank account”. 


“I strongly recommend any property owners take out Coral Sea’s recommendation of Landlords’ Insurance as I have not yet met a landlord who would happily lose thousands of dollars. I am so thankful I took Coral Sea’s great advice because I got it all back without having to lift a finger”!




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