A Grade Tenants


Relaxed A Grade Coral Sea Tenant

Our Goal – Happy A Grade Tenants.

At Coral Sea Property Management our goal is to seek out A grade tenants for our properties and once we have them, create a raving fan & keep them year after year by giving them the best service they have ever had from a property manager.


If you are an A grade tenant we want you to be happy. You are the reason we operate.


What is an A grade tenant?


The qualities of an A Grade tenant are listed below:

  •        Looks after the property as if they owned it
  •        Lawns and gardens always “pimped out”
  •        Treats Coral Sea Property Management Staff & Tradesman with respect.
  •        Prepares A Grade routine Inspections 
  •        Always keeps their rent in line with the lease requirements
  •        Maintenance is always logged in writing /online & have the ability to help yourself.
  •        Meets community expectations re noise/behaviour.
  •        Returns the property to us ready to rent within 24 hours when vacating
  •        Has a current email and Mobile phone number.
  •        Buys chockies and flowers for the team* not compulsory but suggested!


“A grade tenants are a valuable and important customer. Not only do they keep the property well and make the owner feel secure in their investment, they make our job as property managers much easier and much more fun.”


Once we have an A grade tenant we want to reward them and shower them with gifts so they stay with us year after year.


What are the benefits of being an A grade tenant?

As an A grade Coral Sea Property Management tenant here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.


  • Treated with respect by our staff and tradesman
  • Clean well maintained property to live in.
  • All reported maintenance repaired quickly and professionally
  • Easy, fun and stress free relationship with your agent
  • Discounts on rent/lease renewals
  • Free vouchers, discount offers and presents
  •  tenant of the month prizes
  • Lollipops at every inspection!!!
  • Long term security
  • Coral Sea Property Management preferred A grade tenant reference on departure, for future tenancies.


Check out our testimonials for more of what our tenants say about us.


What are the consequences of NOT behaving like an A grade tenant


  • Constant stressed and difficult environment
  • No discounts on renewals or no lease renewal
  • Bad or no reference for future rentals
  • Higher rental increases.
  • (TICA) tenancy default database listings that may affect future credit applications
  • RTA Breaches permanently on file
  • Court action
  • Removal from the property
  • No long term security


Don’t want to be an A Grade Tenant?

If you do not intend to be an A grade tenant or keep your rent in line with your lease requirements, you will find your time with us very uncomfortable. Coral Sea Property Management is not the agent for you; you are best to choose another agency for your accommodation needs.