Application Certificate

Application certificate

Property                                                                  Date                               

This is a binding application; this is a written offer to rent the property on the terms you have listed.

At Coral Sea We Work Quickly!!

If all your documentation is correct and we can get in contact with your referees we can approve your application in as little as 60 minutes

You are probably used to working with agents who mess you around, take days or weeks to process your application or don’t even bother to return your call or let you know if you have or have not been successful with your application.


This can lead to people putting in multiple applications in the hope that they get approved on one.  

If you are not prepared to rent this property , pay your funds immediately and sign the necessary documentation, please do not submit your application

If you are unable to pay the bond and 2 weeks in advance immediately, let us know NOW. If we are aware of your situation, we can help find a solution.

Please CAREFULLY read and sign below.


Do you have Applications in with other agents?    Please circle             Yes/No 

           If yes see below

1      If this application was approved right now would you take this property over any others that you have an application in on?                                       Yes/No

 (Please remember this is a binding application.)


2      If not please do not submit your application.

I have my bond and 2 weeks rent available in cleared funds ready to pay today

          Name                               Signed                              Date                      

I Understand this is a binding application, this is a written offer to rent the property on the terms I have listed. I agree if it is accepted Coral Sea can by law enforce payment.

Name                               Signed                              Date