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The Herron Todd White vacancy survey for Townsville for the last 12 months has been released and provides some interesting reading.


Trend vacancy 2011_10


As most of you are aware, Cora Sea use strategic leases to ensure our lease fall due in the high demand months of January February and June July.


As Always, The usual suspects, November December, March April and May still provide the slowest market but it is very interesting to note that September and October still remained strong for the first time in several years.


This seems to be on the back of the relocation of 3RAR from Sydney and provides some good signs if the demand continues.


As we all know, high demand results in higher rents and if this demand continues the signs look good for continuing rent growth in the medium term.


I can’t let the opportunity pass without a least a little bragging. Townsville’s average vacancy rate across the city was 3.3%-2.4%, still way above Coral Sea’s average of just 0.95%.


This means by having Coral Sea as your managing agent, you, dear owner are about $700 per year better off than most other Owners in the area.


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