Has a Property Manager Ever Apologised to You?




At Coral Sea we believe in 100% accountability.



This means any time a poor or “crap” decision is made or action taken towards an owner, tenant or tradesmen we won’t duck, weave & leap to excuses we will be accountable.



Recently,  A block of unit’s that we manage, the tenants living there were not able to live in peace & quiet like they are promised upon signing a lease due to a Non A grade Coral Sea tenant that had been regrettably approved to tenant one of the properties in this particular complex.



Once this problem was identified, Coral Sea took action to have the tenant removed in accordance with the non compliance to Coral Sea tenant expectations & also due to the disruption of the tenants living close by in the community.



We as a team sat down & accepted responsibility for this mistake & believed that we had to take accountability for our actions & apologise to these wonderful A grade tenants. 



Members of our team, made a special trip out to the property after they had purchased an apology gifts and went door to door & personally apologise to each individual tenant. 



It was a special moment for us & our tenants.  




And forever instilled the importance of taking accountability.







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