Coral Sea Property Stirs the Pot



We’ve made it onto Channel 7 Local News 

Coral Sea Property is making headlines in the real estate industry by featuring on Channel 7 Local (Townsville) News (see below):





Just what is all the fuss about?


The REIQ believes poking fun at other agents is just NOT ON!! (apparently)


It seems that by sticking up for the consumer and poking a little fun at the poor service offered by other agents we have again upset the corporate suits. Click here to see the Naughty sign!




What was our Crime?


Having a sense of Humour it seems!


Apparently if you want to stay in their club you shouldn’t be transparent and publish everyone’s fees & it’s bad to offer guarantees that no one else can match but now apparently, we’ve gone just 1 step to far!


The REIQ have made it clear, you most certainly cannot…..Poke fun at another agent and draw attention to their crap levels of service or Publish funny signs!


They (The self-important corporate suits) have deemed our awesome Monica signboard and our fun for rent signs “Unprofessional”



What have the suits done?


They’ve gone and kicked us out of their kiddies club for having a sense of humour!


Well I guess we are Pirates and with the schoolyard bully not being able to get their way what else could they do but take their bat and ball and go home.



What does it mean?


Absolutely nothing. The REIQ is an industry body that represents AGENTS not you, our customer.


You are protected by The Qld Dept. of fair trading who are responsible for protecting your rights.


Fair trading is also responsible for and all licensing and regulation within the real estate industry and Coral Sea Property is of course fully licensed and compliant.



Our response?


Well it does involve two fingers if you get my drift!


So sorry to the corporate suits and windbags at the REIQ but Coral Sea, our guarantees, our accountability and most of all our sense of humour are not going anywhere.


We’ll be sure to keep standing up for you, our customers and keep sticking it up those silly self-important corporate wankers.



What is next?


Well, if the last one upset them the NEW one is going to put even more noses out of joint! Check it out below:

Cannon Ball (new sign)


AGGGGHHHRRR – Go the Pirates


PS feel free to jump on social media and have some fun with us and keep the story going.


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