David Vs. Goliath

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Some of you may have seen the controversial story featured not long ago on Today Tonight and that has got the Real Estate industry buzzing. The Brave heart like tenant who went head on with the corporate’s and went running into battle sword in hand to fight for justice & won!


And it was all over a few small issues!


Shortly after moving in the tenant had established lawns & gardens, did extensive amounts of cleaning and re-screened the property (sounds like an A class tenant to me)  the tenant then alerted the rental agency of some unsafe pavers and an unlockable roller door.


They didn’t attend to these issues. Apparently they have better things to do. After the tenant discovered the agency were in breach of her contract the tenant decided to take matters into their own hands and head to court.


Guess what? She won! Ten thousand buckaroonies!


And the agency and the landlord had the pleasure of going halves!


Bet they felt pretty stupid when they had to cough up $5000.


One thing we already know is… Pigs would fly before this happened at Coral Sea.    


The agency attempted to play the blame game on the landlord but apparently hiding behind a indemnity clause doesn’t get you off scott free. In plain English the rental agency threw their hands in air, and said the landlord didn’t give them authority to carry out their repairs. Sorry guys – Just shot yourself in the foot don’t need permission to carry out emergency repairs.


Thank the lord, that we have the coolest owners on the planet that want the best for their rental properties! I guess after their 15 minutes in the spot light everyone knows their name, but not all press is good press. A big thank you goes out to all of owners, who have great trust in Coral Sea and let us keep our heads above real estate water.. and to keep showing the world that you don’t have to be a wanker to be in real estate!




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