Does your agent hand out keys to your home?

We NEVER hand keys out to prospective tenants. We conduct every inspection personally

We meet every prospect on site and begin the assessment and qualification process of each applicant. This gives us a much better insight into the person we are considering putting into your home.

Many sales based agents and even some of the local so called property management “specialists” have taken to handing out keys to tenants because their property managers can’t be bothered showing tenants through vacant properties. What’s wrong with this: Firstly, a prospective tenant has unsupervised access to your property and they can easily make copies of the key. The thought that a stranger is wandering the streets with a key to your home – is a scary thought for both you and your tenant.

There’s also the risk of appliances being left on, or the house not being locked after the inspection, leaving you at risk of uninsurable theft. (yes, if someone steals from a property and you gave them the keys, it cannot be insured).

losing a prospect who is waiting for your keys to be returned is also a common occurrence.

We rent many properties to prospects from other agents who have been waiting days for keys to be returned by another tenant or even worse waiting days for an application to be approved.

This results in the property remaining unrented with the result of hundreds of dollars in losses for you the landlord.

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