Is Bad Management Costing you Thousands of dollars??

The Silent Killer

Is your agent losing you $1000s each year by not completing maintenance!!


According to industry surveys, the number 1 reason given by unsatisfied departing tenants for not renewing their lease is uncompleted or ignored requests for maintenance?


Maintenance, the silent killer! 

As an investor we are all aware of the costs when a property does not receive ongoing general maintenance, and repairs are not acted upon straight away, Damage to your property, loss of capital value due to items not being repaired causing secondary damage and the list goes on…




What about the costly loss of good tenants frustrated from their property mangers inactivity or because your agent has no system at all to ensure reported maintenance is completed quickly. Neglected tenants vote with their feet and this costs you $$$$


Replacement costs add up!

Every time you need to replace a tenant the costs add up, Advertising costs, let fees plus lost rent whilst you are looking for a new tenant can easily total $2000 or more. These losses can suck the life out of your investment.


Great tenants are your lifeblood

Great tenants are your most important asset. Without A grade tenants who pay their rent on time and look after your property you don’t have an income. By ensuring all maintenance is completed quickly not only will your investment continue to grow, your happy tenant will feel valued.


Happy A grade tenants pay more!

Happy tenants are more likely to renew each year (helping avoid costly vacancies and advertising and re-let costs) and well serviced tenants are more likely to accept regular reasonable rent rises if they believe they have been well treated. They are also more likely to treat your home as if it were their own.


Don’t get caught in the maintenance trap!

If your agent doesn’t have a great system to ensure maintenance is being completed quickly maybe its time to rethink your agent.


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