IT’S WAR! Pirates VS The Establishment Round 3!


Today we have issued our lawyers with instructions to challenge the RTAs  interpretation of the residential tenancies act.


We believe the RTA’s interpretation  restricting the use of  special conditions clarifying requirements for tenants and protecting owners properties, is confusing and unfair to both Owners AND Tenants, and its time to make a stand.

The Property Management Pirates Challenge Unjust Laws

“We believe, we should be able to PROTECT your investment, and we will stand up for this belief.  NO MATTER WHAT!”  –   Property Management Pirates

No Lock-In Guarantee.

In 2010, we introduced our “no lock-in” guarantee. This allowed owners to have their property released within 60-minutes without question. This guarantee challenged the industry and a law that only benefited agents. It was a law that disadvantaged owners who were receiving poor service.

It was a further 6-years before the law changed to allow owners to move agents within 30-days, or less if both parties agree.                                                                 (Round 1 – Pirates)

Investor Magazine TPTransparency On Fees. Giving Owners the Facts.

In 2013, we again challenged the Industry. We published our fees and every other agent’s fees in our Townsville Investor magazine.

This gave owners clarity and put other property managers on notice. Be transparent. Don’t hide fees.                (Round 2 – Pirates)



Respect and Fairness for all

We believe Owners AND tenants should always be treated with respect, and we know that great tenants are the lifeblood of any great investment … That’s why we make sure maintenance requests are responded to quickly and do everything we can to look after our awesome tenants.


Its also true that great tenants, when treated well always respect their owners and treat properties as if they owned it themselves, BUT the RTA’s recent interpretation is unfair to both owners AND tenants.


The confusion around this removes clarity for tenants on what is needed to get their bond back quickly and also fails to protect owners rights. We know owners AND tenants want clarity and its time someone took up the fight, so …..                                                 Its Time for Round 3!!


Today, We Challenge Those Unjust Laws.

Did you know that according to the RTAs interpretation,  special conditions like those below, added into a lease MAY not be valid … or then again…. maybe they are.


  • holding a tenant responsible for the condition of the lawns and gardens at the property.
  • holding a tenant responsible for professional cleaning of a property, including curtains and carpets at the end of a lease.
  • preventing a tenant from SMOKING INSIDE A PROPERTY. And enforcing professional cleaning and deodorising if the condition is breached.


Crazy Right. As a tenant, how  do you know what is and isn’t required to ensure you get your bond back? And with laws& Interpretations like these, who is looking after the rights of owners?


We believe, we should be able to PROTECT an owners investment, and that tenants should have clarity and be treated fairly, and we will stand up for this belief.  NO MATTER WHAT!

So, off we go again to fight for your rights.


Because that’s what The Property Management Pirates do. AAARRRGGHHHHH!!!


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