Maintenance – What Happens Now?


So you’re property requires maintenance, what do you do?


Please lodge your maintenance using our online maintenance request forms, any maintenance lodged over the phone will not be rectified until we are notified through the correct system.



Trouble shooting


Please use our trouble shooting tips and tricks before lodging any maintenance as some issues can be rectified before a maintenance request needs to be lodged.



So you have lodged your maintenance online, what happens now?


You will receive an auto response email as soon as your maintenance has been received, if you do not receive this auto response, your maintenance has not been lodged correctly, ensure to include ALL details required including home, work and mobile contact details and of course your email address, this is usually why the maintenance has not lodged correctly.


Once received in the office, one of our lovely staff members will contact you to confirm receipt of the maintenance request and qualify the maintenance (i.e. make sure the maintenance is required and trouble shoot over the phone)


 Now that the maintenance has been qualified, a tradesperson will be allocated to the job, 





At Coral Sea we have a number of preferred tradespeople to carry out work for us, who commit to working within our time frames and understand our expectations,



An A Grade Tradie:


– Works within our timeframes

  • Job attended within 7 days
  • Job completed within 14 days


– Respects tenants and their rights

  • Always call tenants before entering their properties (even if the work order says “Use Agency Keys”)
  • Always leave a calling card so the tenants know you have been there and can contact you if they have any problems


– Respects our values

  • Trust – without trust, we cannot work together
  • Respect – tenants, property, and staff
  • Teamwork – we are on the same team


– Complete the job as if you own the property

  • Always ask yourself “what would I do if I owned it?” 



Time frames


At Coral Sea we work to strict time lines and measure how successful we are at meeting this time frames.


The job should be attended within 7 days and completed within 14 days, if these time framed can not be met, you will be contacted regularly to provide updates on the work.