O. What happens now your tenant is vacating?


Tenants are required to give a minimum of 14 days notice in writing. The day notice is received tenants are given this info sheet ( please click ) ” Get 100% of your bond back” and names and numbers of our preferred cleaners. (We encourage them to use cleaners)


Once notice is received, we begin immediate process to advertise the property on the internet and also front yard signage ( costing $175). Bulletin advertising is not something we like using however, is a last resort option. If the property is not rented a week before the vacate date we will begin advertising in the Townsville bulletin.


Please click here for our PPP info sheet.  We always endeavor to get the best rent price for our landlords.  An email with a CMA will be provided to show recent rented properties prices and also a link to realestate.com which shows what is currently on the market and what our competition looks like. Price adjustments ( if needed) will be discussed with you.

Love calls:

Every Monday and Friday whilst the property is becoming vacant or is vacant you will be contacted and giving an update on feedback, inspections, price adjustments, reviews and advertising spend.


Promotion, presentation and Price. This is a review conducted at certain times of the property coming or is vacant. https://www.coralseaproperty.com.au/wp-content/uploads/INFO-SHEET7.pdf

Pro Photos:

We encourage all owners to get professional photos as you will notice below . They make a different at enhancing the quality of the property and also ensuring people are stopping at our ad and enquiring on your property.  These photos last you a life time and a guarantee that your rent will be paid in 2 weeks regardless if it is vacant.




The day the keys are handed in.

Vacates inspections are completed within 72hrs of keys handed over to the office. Tenant is continued to be charged rent until all keys are handed in.

At vacate inspection the following is looked at:

  • The cleaning ( is up to our standards) 
  • The carpets have been professionally cleaned
  • Window furnishings are cleaned
  • Pest control conducted ( if Applicable)
  • Any damages are rectified
  • The lawns are mowed, trimmed and weeded. ( if required. )
  • The tenants are giving 24hrs to rectify any cleaning or damages.

As we have HIGH standards of expectations tenants are provided with (info sheet how to get your bond back), list of cleaning items and also list of things to return to our office

When conducted the vacate inspection the entry condition report signed by the tenant at the beginning of the lease is used to complete the inspection, tenants will be asked to rectify any damages or cleaning that is not noted on the condition report and not considered fair wear and tear.

 “ Fair wear and tear, is damages that occurs during the normal use or something that happens due to aging”


Maintenance audit:


This inspection is not a maintenance audit, if noticeable maintenance is noted it will be logged and handed to the maintenance department however,  if you would like a complete maintenance audit please let us know.




Any improvements re replacement of carpets, painting and curtains etc, will be noted and discussed with yourself and the maintenance department to arrange repairs. These improvements will be noted due to them acting as a barrier to be able to gain the most rental amount possible.