Owner spreads kind words & gets rewarded!!

Referral - Sarah & Chris

Money in the bank for Chris and Sarah!!

Chris & Sarah recently came on board with Coral Sea Property and we blew their socks off by renting their property before they even moved out. They love our service that much they decided to tell their friend, Allison who has an investment property in Townsville. Allison came on board and is now a Coral Sea Pirate.


What does this mean for Chris & Sarah?


Chris & Sarah are $250 richer by just telling a friend about Coral Sea Property and we have gained an awesome A-Grade owner in Allison.


Want to know how you can become $250 Richer?


All you have to do is refer in a family member, friend or anyone you know with a rental property to Coral Sea Property and if they choose us to manage their property… you will receive $250 to do whatever you like with it.


It’s that simple.


An enormous thank you is needed for Chris & Sarah for their effective and kind word of mouth landed us another amazing landlord! 


Congratulations again Chris & Sarah, for referring Allison to Coral Sea Property Management you have received $250.


Grab your phone, give Coral Sea Property a call on (07) 4724 1723 and refer someone in to receive your $250 referral fee.


Referral - Sarah & Chris 


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