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Property Management Pirates are based in Townsville, and our main focus is on getting landlords better rental returns.

Get more return from your investment property

Choose Property Management Pirates, Townsville’s top property managers. You’ll discover our systems, processes and regular follow ups, consistently produce higher rental returns, better tenants and less days vacant.

Its also why for more than 20 years we have consistently had one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country, which means even more money in your pocket.

We take our promises to you so seriously that we do what no other property manager has ever done! We put our money where our mouth is and back up our promises.

Our 4 Power Guarantees

Townsville rental Property mangement DelightedIf Your Tenant Won’t Pay, We Will!

We’re so confident that we can find and A grade tenant for your property that in the event, they won’t pay their rent, we will! You’ll have a stress free experience knowing that your rent will keep coming in, even if your tenant defaults. Terms and conditions apply.

You’ll be 100% delighted with our service

If at any time you’re not delighted with our property rentals management service, we’ll refund that month’s management fees. This keeps us on our toes, and you completely delighted.

If We Don’t Return Your Call or Email Within 48 Hours, We Will Pay You $100!

Our promise is to communicate with you and keep you in the loop, so its OUR RESPONSIBILITY not yours! We are so confident in our systems that we can consistently deliver on this promise that again, we’ve put our money where our mouth is!

No Lock in Contract Ever!

No BS “Exit fees” or 30, 60 or even 90 day termination or lock in periods with us. You will have No lock in Contract EVER!

If for any reason you need to leave us, we’ll return your file within 60 minutes. No asterisks, no fine print, no questions asked!

You’ll Find it Easy to Switch to the Property Management Pirates.

We’ll help making switching from your current property managers an easy process. Your signature on two forms is all it takes. We do the rest. Easy!

Want to know more?

Let’s talk about how we can help you get your rental properties in Townsville performing like they should. Many landlords are already making use of our property managers’ expert services for their properties. Please call, email or pop in to talk. We are always ready to help.

Shaun Podbury

Property Management Pirates

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Not ready to switch yet? That’s ok… have a read of the article below

The Three Key Numbers of (Good) Rental Property Management

There are three key numbers that reflect exactly what pain you will feel as a landlord. Once you know these numbers, you have the ability to measure exactly how your current rental managers are doing. If it is all right I would like to give you a quick run-down of the numbers right here – because we feel it is important for you to know about it – even if you don’t use our services. (But we hope we can be on your “short list”!)

These numbers allow you to look at the performance of your investment rental properties without having to “factor in” how “nice” your agent is – or how good they are at returning calls and protecting you from the “mini-crises” that happen every now and then. The three numbers are the “objective” part. The other part is important – but must be balanced against the simple question: How good are your current local property managers performing at looking after your investment?”

It does not matter if you are a first time landlord, or a toughened investor with decades of experience. The numbers will give you a balance and an advantage – and whether or not you join our team of happy landlords – or whether you use these criteria to give your current property agent a ‘touch-up” – we are happy to have helped.

Property Management Key Measurement Number One

1. Vacancy Rate of Entire Rent Roll – Calculated Monthly.

This number reflects the ability of the rental property managers to get all of the things done that make vacancies decrease. Not only must the right things get done – but the things that make vacancies increase must not be done.

Some of the things that make vacancies decrease include:

    • Timing the period of leases so that renewals happen at times of strong property rentals demand in the market. For example – if you allow a lease to expire at a time of year when there are fewer applicants looking for a place to live – you have less bargaining power with those who do apply – AND there is a strong chance of no applications at all – giving you an empty building.
    • Measuring what actually works in terms of attracting tenancy applications. And then applying this knowledge to keep vacancies low. Everything from getting advertisements and internet listings current and attractive to responding quickly and efficiently to the people who enquire about them. If a property manager is hard for you [as a landlord] to contact – imagine how much trouble a prospective tenant will have.
    • Start looking for new tenants for your rental property before the old one has even left. If you begin the search as soon as they give notice, you’ll have a greater chance of a seamless take over with no loss of rent. Ensure that your property management agent is looking for a new tenant as soon as possible and isn’t waiting until final inspections and cleaning/repairs have been carried out.


Some things that make vacancies increase include:

  • Delaying maintenance on your rental property or not getting it done in a timely manner. A considerate landlord who gets things done is one tenants will want to stay with.
  • Letting tenants habitually get into arrears on their rent. This is one of our key numbers for other reasons – but once people are a long way behind they are more likely to default in a big way. Keeping arrears close to zero is a very effective way to keep loss of rent extremely low.
  • Not measuring your vacancies on a daily basis. Just having a clear score of the number of vacant rental properties and number of days vacant will reduce your vacancies. It is a visual reminder of exactly what the most important part of property management is. You only get a return on your property when there is a tenant.

There is lots more to be done to keep days vacant low – and you are welcome to drop in and discover our other “secrets” – and see our daily scoreboards.

To calculate your vacancy for the past month – divide the total number of vacant days by the number of properties you manage. And compare this to the REIQ numbers for your area. We publish ours in each monthly newsletter.

Property Management Key Measurement Number Two

2. Number of properties with any rent in arrears

This number is very simply a measurement of your local property managers’ abilities to train tenants so that they know what is expected – to keep right on top of the process. Excellence is achieved by continual vigilance – and arrears must be measured on a daily basis.

Property Management Key Measurement Number Three

3. Number of properties “out of lease”

This is another very simple number that makes a big difference to the net return of our landlords. It is important because when a tenant completes a “fixed term” lease period – they move automatically across to a “periodic” lease. This means that they can leave at the drop of a hat – giving you no warning – and if this happens at a time of the year when tenant applications are very low – you can expect to have several weeks of no rent.

Measure this by dividing the number of properties on periodic lease by total number of properties. Again you can see our stats in the newsletters.

Well – that’s the short version of the Top 3 Numbers of Property Management

If you would like have a relaxed, no-push chat about property rentals, give us a call on 07 4724 1723 or email us at rentals@coralseaproperty.com.au.

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Shaun Podbury

Property Management Pirates Townsville

Phone: 07 4724 1723
Email: rentals@coralseaproperty.com.au
Visit: 621 Flinders Street West, Townsville Q 4810