Really? $500!!


Interested in Making an Extra Buck?


Noun: 1. An act of referring someone or

something for consultation, review, or further




In a few simple steps, you can be $250 richer. Find out how:


Step 1: Refer a family member, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, work colleague, dog/cat or anyone you know to Coral Sea Property.


Step 2: If they come aboard, you will receive $250 cheque to do whatever you like with it.


It’s that easy!!


Mark and Cynthia Hall, one of our owners did not just receive $250 but they actually received $500 cold hard cash for referring in a friend. Do you want to know how?


What did Mark & Cynthia do?

Mark & Cynthia referred in a friend that owns not just 1 property, but owns 5 properties.


What did Coral Sea Property do?

Instead of paying the normal $250 referral to Mark & Cynthia, Coral Sea Property paid $500 for referring in an awesome A-Grade owner.


Thank you Mark & Cynthia Hall, you have received $500.


Grab your phone, give Coral Sea Property a call on (07) 4724 1723 and refer someone in to receive your very own $250.


Check out the video below of Mark and Cynthia Hall (you’re in for a laugh):

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