Renew A Grade Tenants Now or Risk Losing $1000’s!

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Good Tenants are worth Keeping!!

Townsville’s Vacancy Rate has been at an all time high for the last 12 months. If you wait to ‘see what the market does’ you’re putting yourself at risk of having a vacancy which means lost rent, re-letting fees, advertising and a whopping rent reduction to align with new market conditions.


Watch the video and read below to find out how we can maximise your rental return and help avoid possibly losing 1000’s of Dollars.



Interested in Townsville’s Rental Market?

Townsville’s Rental Market is currently in the worst state it has been for the past 7 years! The vacancy rate has now reached 5.21% across the board.


Click HERE for more information about the Townsville Rental Market.


What does this mean for you as an owner?

If you have to re-rent your property in this market, you’re more than likely going to take a hit in the rent amount in order to get a new tenant to move in. 


What’s the Solution?

By renewing your tenant now, you can lock them in at the same rate or close to which means no vacancies and more $$ for you!


How do we do it?

1) Ask for a rent increase! We know it seems bold and of course we’re not going to kick them out if they won’t accept, however this sets the tone for the negotiation in an upward trend.

2) Offer an incentive! We’re now running a competition for tenants to win free rent if they renew their lease before Christmas.

3) Get the business done now! This way the new lease is locked in before the market has a chance to decrease any further or before the tenants change their mind.


a grade tenantClick HERE or on the picture to read more about how we look after A-Grade tenants and get them to renew year on year.


Renewing your a-Grade tenant now will save you from the risk of losing $1000’s by having a vacant property in a poor market.


We have already started contacting your tenants for a renewal so if you don’t want us to renew your tenant or if you want any further information, please call Dominique or Cheryl on (07) 4724 1723!



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