Rent Arrears Warning

Coral Sea Property employs a strict Zero Tolerance policy to rent arrears.


If you have been directed here by an SMS or an email –




If You Believe your rent is in line with your lease requirements please scroll to the bottom of the page for some quick checks.



If it is our mistake, we will say sorry with your choice of a bottle of wine or a 6 pack!!


7 Days In Advance

Your lease requires that you stay a MINIMUM of 7 days in advance at all Times. This condition of your lease was pointed out during your initial sign-up and a separate document has been signed to ensure you understand this requirement.


This will be enforced.


If this condition is not met you WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE PROPERTY.



If you have been directed to this page from an email noting your rent is not up to date a notice has already been issued. Call the office immediately and rectify your rent or YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE PROPERTY


This notice will be noted on your file and may affect any future tenancies you apply for. If you breach this condition TWICE IN ANY 12 MONTH period, Coral Sea Property can (and will) legally take steps to terminate your tenancy.



As a Coral Sea Property tenant you are entitled to expect that you will be treated with respect.  We strive to ensure our tenants receive the best service available in the industry today.


Accordingly, we only accept owners that share our values and are prepared to complete all necessary maintenance and treat our tenants with respect.


In return, our owners are entitled to expect that rent is paid on time and their property is well treated. Our owners bank will not wait for their mortgage payment because you have not paid your rent.


If you are unwilling to accept this responsibility It will be best for all parties if you do not continue to rent through Coral Sea. This policy has been in place for over 12 years and will not change.


Quick Checks

No one likes being told their rent is behind and we understand as an A grade Coral Sea tenant it’s unlikely that you have just forgotten to pay rent.



Experience tells us most rent arrears situations are usually caused by an oversight, (we all make mistakes) so here are just a few things to check BEFORE you call our office.


Has your payment been made?

Our system is not perfect HOWEVER over 15 years of experience tells us that if your payment has been made electronically, over 99% of these payments get receipted correctly and on time.


As a courtesy, we allow 48 hours for the payment to be received BEFORE we initiate any action.

Please check with your bank to make sure your payment has been made and get a copy of the receipt/statement.


Have you been paying the correct amount? Your rent may have increased.

New lease – You may have had a recent rental increase. Have you adjusted your payment to the new weekly rate?


Expired lease/ periodic rate – If  your lease has expired and you have not signed a new lease, your rent will have increased substantially. (Usually a minimum of 10% or $30per week). This amount was listed on your lease and was explained to you at sign up. Check your lease or contact our office for your new rent amount.


You may be eligible for a substantial discount on this new amount by contacting our office to arrange a new 12 month or longer lease.


Are you Paying Monthly? – If so you need to pay 4.34 x your weekly rent amount every month. There are 52 weeks in a year! Many people make the mistake of paying only 4 times the weekly rent each month; this totals only 48 weeks per year which will leave you a whopping 4 weeks behind by the end of the year.


The good news!

If it’s our mistake, we will say sorry with your choice of a bottle of wine or a 6 pack!!

We believe if we are going to hold you accountable, you should be able to do the same with us. We all make mistakes so, If you have received a Breach notice from us for rent arrears and it is

established your rent WAS A MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE AT ALL TIMES as required on your lease at the time the notice was issued, we will pay up.

Just come in to the office with your receipt/ bank statement or payment slip and we will own up and make good with free booze and remove the notice from your file.