Rent Not Inline with Lease Requirements



Jake, Our rent collector

Zero Tolerance


 Coral Sea Property has a zero tolerance policy on non payment of rent. Your lease requires that you remain a minimum of 7 days in advance with your rent at all times & as you were advised during your initial sign-up, this condition will be strictly enforced.


A Grade tenant


Coral Sea Property seek out A grade tenants for our properties, to see the benefits of being an  A grade tenant click here. As an A grade Coral Sea Property tenant you have a responsibility to ensure your rent is kept within your lease requirements.


If your rent is not kept within your lease requirements YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE PROPERTY.


No Apology


If the procedure below causes offence or you do not intend to keep your rent in line with your lease requirements you will find your time with us very uncomfortable. You are best to choose another agency for your accommodation needs.



Rent Arrears Procedure – Rent not kept inline with Lease Conditions.


Step 1

Rent not Inline with lease requirements


  • Reminder SMS sent to tenant – 

Warning – Do Not Ignore this SMS. Records show your rent is currently not in line with your lease requirements. Please call the office NOW. Failure to rectify will result in removal.”


tenant MUST contact office and rectify immediately


Step 2

Not rectified / office not contacted – (First 2 offences only)


  • SMS and notice to remedy breach (Form 11) issued – 

” Warning – We received no satisfactory response from you. We have begun formal proceedings to remove you from the property, Avoid further Action. Please contact our office now.”



Step 3

Rent Not Inline with lease requirements – 3rd Offence


  • SMS and Notice to leave (Form 12) issued – Tenant removed from the property.

“WARNING – your rent has not been rectified,we have now commenced removal action”


If you appear on this list 3 times (Irrespective of whether this is rectified) your lease WILL NOT BE RENEWED and you will not be offered A REFERENCE FOR FUTURE RENTALS.



Beware – The Residential Tenancies Act provides that 2 or more serious breaches within any 12 month period constitute grounds to have a lease terminated.


The information below is sourced directly from the Qld residential Tenancy Authority



  • Q – What if I breach the agreement more than twice?
  • A – If you breach the agreement, the lessor/agent can give you a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11) giving you 7 days to fix the problem.
  • If you fix the problem within the time allowed, the tenancy agreement will continue. But if you breach the agreement in the same way more than twice in a 1 year period, on the third (or more) time the lessor/agent can apply directly to the Tribunal to end the tenancy.


If you breach the tenancy agreement and are given a Notice to Leave (Form 12), you may still be responsible for paying the rent until another tenant can be found to occupy the premises or until the tenancy ends. The Tribunal might also make an order for you to pay compensation.