Routine Inspections!!

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Routine Inspections – Why they Benefit YOU!


Watch the video below to discover why you need to have routine inspections done on your property and what actually happens at the routine inspection?



Well, routine inspections are a very critical part of ensuring you get the best return on investment!


Why do I need a Routine Inspection on my property?


The major purpose of a routine inspection is to establish if the tenant is keeping the property according to the terms of their lease AND – If this is not the case, to trigger enforcement or removal!



stress free


Experience shows that one of the most reliable warnings for future tenant default is a below average inspection. If a Routine Inspection was not conducted, you would be at risk of losing thousands of dollars because there would be no early warning system!


We also understand that keeping you informed about EVERYTHING related to your investment is one of our most important tasks. We know that when your money is in the bank, your life is stress free and you don’t need to worry.


What actually happens at my Routine Inspection?


Whenever your Routine Inspection is carried out you received a simple email report that includes comprehensive photographs so you can see your property with your own eyes!


Click Here for a more comprehensive explanation of what happens at the Routine Inspection.



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