Sneaky Tips & Tricks for Losing Agents!


Don’t Get Caught Out!

Watch the video below to discover the common ‘sneaky’ tricks used by the losing agents when changing your Property Management Agent.


It’s super easy to change your Property Management Agent.  All you need to do is:

  • You Make the Decision to Switch
  • You Sign the Standard Management Agreement


And then your new agent sorts out the rest!


However, more often than not the losing agent does not take the break up so easily and get a tad sneaky at the end.


This doesn’t mean don’t change though, if you’re not already sold this is another reason to add to your list of WHY you should change NOW! Just be prepared, and know what to expect!


Most common ‘sneaky’ tactics used by losing agents:


Vacant Property – We have an application for the property!

Seriously? You’re not changing because the vacancy period was short.. Why has this application only appeared now, who is the applicant and let’s be honest, an application is only a piece of paper it’s not a done deal! My advice, bin it and move on!



We Will Give You A Discount!

Brilliant. So now you get to enjoy the same service you were moving away from but you get to pay a little less… It’s not going to solve any of the problems you had that have prompted you to look elsewhere!


They Invoke a Long Drawn Out Termination Period

So not only were you so fed up with the service you were getting that you have decided to change but just to kick you on the way out, they’re going to make you endure even longer?  I don’t think this would fall under the category of ‘professional conduct’, would you?


Your Tenants Will leave if You Change Agents

Sorry but… I call B.S. If you’re unhappy with your agent and you only have to deal with them some of the time, imagine how your tenant feels? They’re probably not going to be upset with you seeking out a BETTER service. Not only that but if your tenant is on a fixed term lease, they can’t just ‘leave’ because they don’t want you to change agents – fact is fact.


Now that you’re prepared and know what to expect, the process of changing agents will now be even easier!


Remember, if you’re unhappy with your current agent the truth is, there are better agents out there so pull out the splinter now and just don’t take any notice of the sneaky tricks on your way out!


Give us a call today on (07) 4724 1723 and we can make the change stress free for you.


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