So your tenant is vacating? What happens now?


What happens when your tenant vacates?


The following questions may relate to you:


  • Have you ever had a tenancy with hardly any maintenance and then as soon as the new tenants move in you seem swamped in maintenance requests? Do you want to know how you can avoid this?
  • Have you wondered what your property manager checks when they do a full vacate report?
  • Do you know how your property gets handed over to the new tenants?


Watch the video and read below to get all the answers.



Do you still want more information on when your tenant is vacating?




We understand that it can be stressful when your tenant is vacating. We want to help you through this process as much as possible. Discover here for more information when your tenant is vacating: information sheet #13 – Your tenant is vacating…what happens now?



Interested in getting a Maintenance Audit done? 


We have a handyman who is fully qualified to do a Maintenance audit for you. Uncover here more information about Maintenance Audits. 



Why is this good for me?


The standard that we give the new tenant the property in sets the tone for the entire tenancy. If we do a good job and the property is 100% clean and in good condition they will feel respected and be more likely to be good tenants who look after the property as if they owned it, stay longer and accept regular rent increases.




If you would like to get a Maintenance Audit or find out more, give the Coral Sea Maintenance Team a call on (07) 4724 1723


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