Rent Collection Admin & Disbursal Fee


Stress Free

Stress free

We understand getting your rent paid on time is of paramount importance to you. It’s how you pay your mortgage and it’s how you maintain your investment! We know that when your money is in the bank, your life is stress free and you don’t need to worry.



Zero Tolerance

Awesome results with Zero tolerance 

For 15 consecutive months we’ve maintained an arrears rate of less than 1%.


This means 99% of your tenants rent has been on time, every time.


We get these awesome results by combining a zero tolerance enforcement policy with a seamless online BPAY rent collection system. 


BPAY Collection system

This year, the bank has again substantially increased our BPAY collection and disbursement costs charged for the tenant’s use of this system. (the 3rd increase in as many years)


Future Disbursements

We’re pretty sure you’re feeling the same frustration that we are. Whilst we have absorbed the previous two increases, we regret we are unable to absorb this latest increase. 


From February your monthly Disbursement and Admin charge will show a slight increase to $14.90 per disbursement to cover the banks increase.


Thanks for your TRUST!

We understand that no one likes a fee increase so we’ll make sure we keep doing whatever it takes to ensure your money is in the bank and that your experience with us remains stress free. We really appreciate you trusting us with the management of your property.



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