Routine Inspection Charges


stress free

Stress Free!

We understand that keeping you informed about EVERYTHING related to your investment is one of our most important tasks. We know that when your money is in the bank, your life is stress free and you don’t need to worry.


Keeping You in the Loop!

It is our responsibility to keep you informed! This is why whenever your Routine Inspection is carried out you will now receive a simple email report that includes comprehensive photographs so you can see your property with your own eyes!


Click HERE for a sample of our improved Routine Inspection report.


Your improved Routine inspection service now includes detailed photos.

Photos always give you a more ‘real’ idea of the state of your property other than any tick and flick style report. This means you’re absolutely kept in the loop with how your tenants are looking after your property.



Happy A Grade Tenants =  More $$ in Your Pocket!

Did you know more than 50% of your tenants renew their lease with us every year?

And more than 98% of your tenants are secured on a fixed term lease of 12 months or longer!


We achieve these results by using positive reinforcement, treating your tenants with respect, and by using small touches like handing out thank you gift vouchers and lollies at all satisfactory routine inspections!


Future Routine Inspections

From March 2015 your improved Routine Inspection Fee will show a slight increase to $69.


Trusting us with your property – TRUST

As always we will continue to ensure that your experience remains stress free. We really appreciate you trusting us with the management of your property.


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