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A reminder to all pool owners, the amnesty period for pool registration and safety certificates ends on Jul 30. Allpools need to be registered by this date and any required certificates should be in place by this date.  Our lovely Anita has organised a great deal with M&J Pool Safety Services:



Pool Inspection (Non Shared Pool)          $200 $180.00

Re-inspection                                                $80 Included


Note: We will supply you with an easy check list to help determine if your pool fence is compliant, we do not want to re-inspect any more than you want us to. If you are unsure please discuss this before your appointment. This fee includes $30 for your pool safety certificate, which is a  regulated government tax.



Pool Inspection (Shared Pool)              $280 $200.00

Re-Inspection                                            $150 Included


Note: Please see note above about re-inspection, some shared pools can be very complicated and take a very long time to inspect, if this is the case the pool inspector will discuss additional chargers with you prior to conducting the inspection. This fee includes $30 for your pool safety certificate, which is a  regulated government tax.



Pre Inspection Consultation (per hour) – including written report            $80



Note: We are happy to assist you to meet the pool fence safety standards, you may wish to engage us to do a pre inspection or discuss difficult fencing situations, we are happy to help on a consultation basis. Please beware that if your fence is a very serious danger to young children, the inspector must give the local government a pool safety complaint notice under section 246ADA (6) Building Act 1975 which includes information about the location of the pool. This would occur , for example, in the case of a regulated pool that has no barriers in place. This will be discussed with you during the consultation and you will be given every opportunity to rectify the situation before the reporting occurs. Please discuss this with us prior to our visit if you think your pool fence might meet this criteria.



Further Re-inspections (per visit)                  $80


Note: If you require further re-inspections after your first re-inspection due to non conformity of your pool fence you will be charged. We will endeavour to discuss with you during your initial inspection what needs to be done and how to meet the standards. We will also supply a written non conformity report to assist you to meet the standards. Please be sure you have completed all of the items highlighted prior to calling us back.



Remember: careful adult supervision is the Number One method of preventing pool drownings. Please consider the following:

  • Always supervise swimmers irrespective of age and never swim alone! Always with a buddy!
  • During parties always assign a ʻdesignated adultʼ. Someone needs to be responsible!







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