Here is how to get your bond back in 24 hrs.


                In short the property needs to be ready to rent immediately after you vacate.


In doing the following you can be assured an easy handover and FULL refund of your bond.    


       1. Rent must be paid up to the vacate date the day you return ALL your keys

                      (Rent will be charged until all keys are returned)


       2.The property is returned as per your Entry Condition report bar fair wear and tear.


       3.Property must be cleaned to our standards. Cleaning List  


  •  Internal of the property cleaned
  •  Curtains and vertical blinds to be cleaned, pressed and rehung
  •  Carpets to be professionally cleaned
  • Lawns to mowed, gardens weeded, lawn waste removed and rubbish collected
  • Pest control conducted ( if Applicable)
  • Return your BPAY card
  • All lights are working
  • Bins to be cleaned

 All receipts ( Carpet / curtain cleaning, cleaning, pest control and steam cleaning) must be handed to the office when you return your keys


If the above is not completed you have 24hrs after the vacate inspection has been completed to rectify any issues.






As per your lease agreement “If items require more than 24hrs you will be charged rent until all is rectified”.





Any claim against your bond you will incur a $150 admin fee, 10% surcharge on all maintenance carried out and may also a lodgement of your name on TICA. (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia).

 “If it’s clean and undamaged when tenants move in, then we expect it to be in the same condition when they move out”

What does “Clean” and “Fair Wear & Tear” mean?


The definition of Fair Wear Tear is: “Minor Signs of usage over a protracted period of time”.






Areas that are not considered Fair Wear &Tear:


Our office has very high expectations and standards when it comes to carrying out the final inspections.  It’s our expectation that the property is to be left in as near as the same condition as it was at the commencement of each tenancy.  


• Holes in fly screens

• Marks/damage to carpets

• Marks/damage to walls which include inside robes

• Marks/damage to drapes

• Dead insects in light fittings 

• Dusty/dirty window tracks, door tracks and robe tracks

• Chipped tiles


Our simple policy is this: “If it’s ready to rent when tenants move in, then we expect it to be ready to rent when they move out.”






Ensure all Inventory is accounted for and cleaned and placed in original places

  • All linen including  towels and bathmats are to be steam cleaned

            -All pillows, pillow covers, Doonas and mattress protectors are steam cleaned


  •  Refrigerator to be defrosted and all surfaces to be cleaned, including shelves and crisper drawers, switch appliance off at the wall and leave door ajar 
  • Washing machine centre and clothes dryer filter to be cleaned out
  • All soft furnishing to be steamed cleaned (mattresses, lounges and Cushions)
  • All bedside tables, TV cabinets and any other cabinet to be cleaned
  • Stack outside chairs
  • Microwave (inside and out)





Vacate date:

This is the date you have nominated to hand back the property over to us. You are responsible for the rent of this day to.



All keys as per the photocopy you signed on your start date.



Carpets are to be professionally cleaned and a carpet receipt produced to our office with the return of the keys. Please note: If you choose not to use our offices’ recommended carpet cleaners you could be liable to have the carpets re-cleaned should they not meet our standard of cleanliness.



Damage that occurs due to the tenants’ neglect must be rectified at the tenants cost. Remember if items are to be paid out of the bond there will be a $150 admin fee and a 10% surcharge on all charges.



Lawns are to be mowed, trimmed the day before you vacate. Gardens are to be free of weeded and garden waste. Please remember to pick up the pieces of debris in the grass around the patio, front and back door, laundry and drive way. Please remove all loose branches and palm fronds and bushes are trimmed.

Window Furnishings:

 All curtains, vertical blinds, blinds  and roman blinds are to be cleaned, pressed and rehung. ( please remember if you take them down please place them back up) Veritian slate blinds are to be dust free.



 If pets have been kept on the premises then you must have the property professionally pest controlled for fleas inside and out and produce a receipt to our office. .



Garage is to be free from any fresh oil stains, swept and free from cobwebs. Please don’t forget if you have a window in your garage to clean the glass, hoses the screens and the tracks. Please make sure that you repair any damages to the walls. 


Our Preferred Cleaners. 

Doug and Betty Bond Cleaners-      0401 477 026


Smikko bondCleaning-                     0426 894 040


JCH Carpet Cleaning-                      0404 844 344


ATAC pest Control-                          4779 9767