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Just like you claim wear and tear on a car purchased for income producing purposes, you can also claim the tax depreciation of your investment property against your taxable income.




What are the two types of allowances available?

  1. 1. Depreciation of Plant and Equipment
  2. 2. Building Allowance.

Plant and Equipment refers to items within the building like ovens, dishwashers, carpet, light fittings, blinds etc. Building Allowance refers to construction costs of the building itself, such as concrete and brickwork. Both these costs can be offset against your assessable income.


How much will I save?

Each property is different and many varying factors must be considered when preparing a tax depreciation schedule, however as a general rule Surveyors  usually  find investors an average of between $5,000 and $10,000 as a first full year deduction.


Is my property too old to claim Depreciation?

The simple answer is no. If your residential property was built after July 1985 you will be able to claim both Building Allowance and Plant and Equipment. If construction on your property commenced prior to this date, you can only claim depreciation on Plant and Equipment (i.e. carpet, blinds, ovens etc). But it will still be worthwhile.


My property is renovated. Can I still claim?

Yes. You will need to know how much you spent on renovations. This is an ATO obligation. If the previous owner completed the renovations you are STILL entitled to claim depreciation. In either case, where the cost of renovation is unknown, you will need to appoint an expert to make that estimation.


Did you know??

  • You can Claim depreciation on new or old investment properties.
  • Adjust previous tax returns – get your cash back from the ATO!
  • Surveyors usually find investors an average of between $5,000 and $10,000 as a first full year deduction


Want to get a tax deprecation done?

Depmax helps claim all the depreciation a property investor is entitled to on an investment property and can make a big difference to your cash flow. Don’t miss out on money you may be legally entitled to!!



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