Be Air Conditioner Smart

  • The most comfortable and energy efficient temperature setting for summer air conditioning is 25C. Dropping a degree or two could turn up the heat on your power bill.
  • Close windows and doors in areas you want to cool. And remember to close blinds and curtains too, it keeps the heat out of your home and makes your air conditioning more efficient.
  • Select the air ‘recirculate’ setting. Otherwise you’ll be drawing much warmer air in from outside and using a lot of electricity to cool it down.
  • Turn your air-conditioner off when you go out. Leaving your air-conditioner on wastes energy and costs you more to run.
  • Save electricity by installing the right sized air conditioner for the space you need to cool. Consult a qualified air conditioning contractor to ensure your unit has optimum capacity.
  • Clean the filter pads on your air conditioner regularly so that it works 
  • Choose curtains and blinds with lighter colours and pale linings to keep the ambient temperature of the room down so you may not need to turn your air-conditioner on as often.
  • Instead of air-conditioning, open up your home to create cross breezes.
  • Using a fan is always friendlier on your hip pocket than switching on the air conditioning.