Handy Hints

Here are our Handy Hints to help you use less electricity & help the environment.

  • If you’re not using a light, turn it off. Be Aircon Smart – set your air conditioner at 25C as this is the most comfortable and energy efficient temperature setting.
  • Fix leaking hot water taps quickly. Just 60 drops of water a minute could add up to 9,000 litres of water down the drain in a year.
  • Install a water-saver shower head to cut hot water usage by up to 50% while maintaining water pressure.
  • Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Use sun and fresh air to dry your laundry. It will always be the most energy efficient way. After all it’s free!
  • Ask Ergon Energy if  economy tariff options are suitable for your hot water system and other appliances.
  • Take shorter showers. You’ll save on your hot water bill by using less  energy to heat the water.
  • When planning to buy a new appliance, check the star or energy rating the selected appliance. The more stars, the more energy efficient the appliance.