Lease Break Information


You are breaking your General Tenancy Agreement. A General Tenancy Agreement is an enforceable and legally binding contract between landlord and tenant.


Breaking Your Lease


To break your lease there are responsibilities and obligations that you must meet. Firstly you must decide what date you will be giving up vacant position of your property. Once this has been decided you must also be able to give at least 14 days prior notice to Coral Sea Property Services.


We understand breaking your lease is stressful, to make the process painless as possible we have created an information sheet – Tenant Lease Break.


Giving Notice:


As you are breaking a legally binding contract, written notice is required. There are 2 forms to be completed and signed by all tenants on the General Tenancy Agreement.


The first form is a Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13). This means that the tenants will be vacating the premises and what time and date they plan to do so. (Download Form PDF.)


The next is an Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy. This creates an agreement between the tenant and the landlord that once certain conditions have been met; the landlord agrees to terminate the tenancy agreement with out further penalties. The terms and conditions of the Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy are as follows:


  • You are required to pay a break lease fee which is equivalent to one weeks rent plus GST.
  • You are required to return the property to Coral Sea Property Services fully cleaned including having the carpets and curtains professionally cleaned.
  • You are responsible for rent at the property until a new tenant has been found and a new General Tenancy Agreement has commenced or until your General Tenancy agreement has expired, whichever comes first.
  • You are responsible for the properties advertising fee of $379.
  • All lease break fees and charges must be paid before we can begin start the lease break procedure and before we can begin advertising the property.