Pets Policy

We Love Animals, just ask the Chairman!


However, please be aware all pets must be approved during your application process. If you have no approval for your fluffy, slithery or chirpie animal friend and Coral Sea Property Services have instructions that no pets are allowed at your property, your General Tenancy Agreement reflects this.This is a legal contract between you and the owner of the property. Please understand that should an animal be discovered at the property then Coral Sea Property Services will issue you with a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11) which is a permanent mark on your file.


Another home for the animal must be found within 7 days of the receiving the Notice to Remedy Breach or we will terminate your tenancy, issuing you with a Notice to Leave (Form 12). Further more, we will also require you conduct a pest inspection/spray on the property as you vacate.


Please do not place us or yourselves in this very difficult position. We take our pets policy very seriously and we expect you to do the same.