Pool Care

Having a pool in the tropics is almost a necessity, and they can provide plenty of fun and relaxation for everyone, but they also need care and attention to keep them looking good.


A pool is a big investment, and uses advanced machinery and technology to perform its function as a safe place to swim – in order to keep it operating properly and safely it needs regular maintenance.


The following is a list of the basic tasks you should carry out even though your pool gets professionally serviced:

  • Check the water level every few days, especially in the dry season. If the level is below what it should be, top the water level back up.
  • Empty the skimmer basket on a daily basis.



Pool Problems


Green Pool
When pool water is left unchanged or untreated for a period of time, bacteria, viruses and other organisms are allowed to develop. These organisms can cause health problems and multiply at a tremendous rate. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to ensure efficient recirculation of the water through a filter, and destroy any organisms by adding a disinfecting agent such as chlorine.


Noisy Pump
There are a couple of reasons a pool pump could become noisy. These are:

  • The bearings are starting to wear and are not as efficient as they should be. This generally means they need to be replaced.
  • The second problem is that the impeller may have picked up a stone or debris and the pump needs to be cleaned, a low water level can also cause this.


Salt-Water Chlorinator
The water pressure could be to low, the cell could be dirty, the filter could be blocked or there may be low water level in the cell. It’s a good idea to frequently check the salt level, if this is low it will cause your chlorinator to be inefficient. Check your skimmer basket as well, it may be blocked with leaves and restricting water flow. You may also have a worn cell that needs replacement.


Pool Water Level Dropping
If you’ve been experiencing a number of hot days you’ll notice that nature takes its course, causing the water level of your pool to drop naturally by 
evaporation. The basic rule of thumb is through the summer months 2/3cm in any pool over a week is normal, any more than that means there is a problem.


Poor Water Flow
This is mainly a filtration problem. Your filter baskets could be dirty or drawing air. You may also have a faulty pump or poor water level.


Automatic Cleaner Not Being Efficient
Leaves blocking skimmer baskets or pump baskets mainly cause this to happen. Your filter could also need a clean or the auto cleaner itself may be blocked with leaves/debris. You should also check the hose for proper connection and cracks.