Renting with Coral Sea

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections are conducted every 14 weeks. At least one week prior to the inspection, you will receive a letter and entry notice informing you of the date and time. If you are not home, entry will be gained using the office set of keys.


Drive By Inspections

Drive By Inspections are conducted once every month, this allows the team to make sure lawns and gardens are maintained as stated in your General Tenancy Agreement.


Smoke Alarm Inspections

During the period of your tenancy the smoke alarms throughout the property will be inspected by Smoke Alarm Solutions. It is your responsibility to ensure the smoke alarms are kept clean at all times i.e.: do not let cobwebs or dust accumulate around them. However, remember not to touch, open or tamper with the smoke alarms at all.


Pool Maintenance

Tenants, it is your responsibility to keep the pool in a well balanced and safe condition. The pool must be cleaned and vacuumed, water balanced, filter cleaned and pool surroundings clean. All pool equipment must be accounted for and securely stored out of the sun.


Periodic Tenancy

Once your lease expires, you then convert to a periodic tenancy. Be aware the rental amount is higher then the original lease agreement. The Coral Sea team will contact you approximately 6 weeks prior to your lease expiry date to negotiate new lease terms.


Rent in Advance

Tenants are to remain at least 7-days in advance with rental payments at all times. Tenants be aware that action will be taken from the first day in arrears.