Smoke Alarms & You

Coral Sea Property Services has an obligation to comply with the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990. Part of our obligation to comply with the act is to ensure tenants are doing their part in ensuring that the smoke alarms at their property remain compliant with the act.

Coral Sea Property Services will ensure all smoke alarms are checked at least once every 12 months and will organise for batteries to be replaced if necessary.

Your obligation as a tenant (also stated in your General Tenancy Agreement) is to keep the smoke alarm clean by removing any dust, cobwebs or debris that will restrict smoke entering the alarm. You are also obligated to report to Coral Sea Property Services if any of the smoke alarms fail or you suspect are about to fail or think may have a fault. You are also required to notify us if batteries are flat, almost flat or you suspect are going flat. Remember not to touch, remove, open or tamper with the smoke alarms at all.

If you fail to meet your obligations as a tenant you will be in breach of your General Tenancy Agreement (18a) and will be breached by our agency for the offence. You will be breached by receiving a Notice to Remedy Breach (Form 11) and you will also be charged a $75.00 fee. In the event that an incident occurs, you will be responsible for all costs and may also be liable for receiving a fine from Queensland Fire and Rescue Services.

Remember that smoke alarm and fire safety means your safety. For more information on the act go to www.fire.qld.gov.au/buildingsafety.