Troubleshooting Hints & Tips


If it seems as though your hot water system isn’t holding enough hot water, your hot water system may need topping up. Locate the filler valve on the side of the hot water system and lift the leaver until water flows from the overflow. Repeat this process when necessary. Otherwise, check the power is switched on; has the power box tripped the switch or blown a fuse; or has your shower routine changed or increased (tank capacity and /or tariff rates will affect this).In winter the efficiency of the tank is less than in summer and the water will get colder quicker.


Note:Please follow the above procedure before requesting maintenance. If this does not rectify the problem please complete lodge your maintenance in the forum provided. Save yourself from a lack of hot water and an abundance of a power bill, a leaking hot water tap will cause poor supply of hot water and high electricity accounts.If it is a Gas Hot Water System –Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Some gas hot water systems can be easily relit – others may require a tradesperson.



  • Have you tried using some Draino to try and free the blockage?
  • Have you tried pouring boiling water down the sink to free up old soap & hair?
  • Have you cleared hairs and old soap from the waste & “u” bend? Put a bucket under the pipe, unscrew the pipe under the sink (where possible) remove the hair and old soap and re-screw the pipe back together. Pour boiling water down the drain, this should clear the blockage.
  • Have you removed old food from the kitchen waste & poured boiling water down the drain? Do not put fat and oil into the drain as these will clog up the pipes.



  • Is it turned on at the switch underneath the sink?
  • Have you attempted to reset the safety switch? This is normally a little red or black button underneath the bottom of the garbage disposal unit. You may have to get on your hands and knees to find the switch. This switch can be activated by an overload and simply needs to be reset.
  • Is there a blockage in the sink/blades? IMPORTANT – Before putting hands down the sink to check for blockages – make sure unit is turned off at the wall and unplugged.



The most common problem in properties is leaking from wet areas i.e. bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, into adjoining rooms. A regular check for water leaks is advisable. If the carpet/floor is wet, sponge and dry area thoroughly and check again after use of the wet area. Please lodge a maintenance with us if the problem persists.



Before loading the dishwasher, make sure all dishes are rinsed well. If you leave large pieces of food on the dishes, the pump can wear out and cause the drain to back up. Usually a lot of water will pour out onto the floor. Use the directed amount of dishwashing soap. If you use too much it will overflow onto the floor. If you have a chronic leak, lodge your maintenance and make sure to wipe up water from the floor area.



Usually this is a minor problem. Regular mopping and turning off the tap between use is adequate until the tradesperson arrives. Please complete the maintenance request form, where we will qualify your request and send a tradesperson if required.



  • The power is connected, and the power circuit is switched on.
  • That the water taps are connected and opened.
  • The load of clothes are balanced well and within the weight specification.
  • Lid is connecting with on/off switch when closing.



  • Is power on?
  • Dryer is not overloaded?
  • Is air temperature hot when running?
  • Have you checked to see if the filter needs cleaning out?

Dryers can automatically shut down due to overload of lint in the filter



Do not attempt to fix it yourself. Do not use switches. Contact our office as soon as possible.



Check power or fuse box. Ensure the power is on and the switch has not tripped. If problem not remedied, contact your property manager.



First, check as to the status of your neighbours power, if the neighbourhood has lost power you can call Ergon. Otherwise, check your safety switch, as this may have tripped.

Resetting the switch won’t fix everything. Turn off all appliances in your house, and turn them on one by one until the switch trips again. This will help you locate the faulty appliance.

If you have a fuse box, please check for a blown fuse. Please make sure your switch/fuse isn’t being blown by a faulty appliance. If there is a faulty appliance the tenant will be required to pay for the callout fee.



  • Water level is a priority and must be kept at a level to allow water to flow through the skimmer boxes at all times.
  • Failure to do this could result in enormous expenditure to you.
  • No metal objects are to be allowed in the pool as it could cause corrosion marks
  • No animals in the pool as this creates a huge chemical in-balance.
  • Regular checks of the pump to ensure motor working correctly and efficiently (making funny noises could be a forerunner to a problem). Leaking or pooling water at the pump could mean a cracked casing and will require attention.
  • Even if the pool is maintained for you, it is still part of your responsibility to keep an eye/ear out for any problems



Emergency maintenance must be addressed as quickly as possible. All emergencies must be

phoned through to the office as soon as possible and then formalised in writing. All general

maintenance must be lodged online using our maintenance form.


If none of this can help you out then please use our online maintenance form.