When You Vacate

We understand that moving can be a stressful process. Read the Vacating Tenant Information Sheet and the information below to find out everything that will make moving a breeze. At Coral Sea Property our aim is to get 100% of our tenants their full bond back within 7 business days. By reading the Vacating Tenant Information Sheet and completing everything on the Vacating Tenant Contract that should be a reality for you.tenant-vacate-form


The 4 steps required for vacating


1. Complete Vacating Tenant Paperwork:

Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13)

Bond Refund form (Form 4)

Vacating Tenant Contract

Use BONDEASY®  to get your Bond back superfast.


2. Book in our preferred cleaner to maximise your bond return

To maximise your chances of getting your full bond back within seven business days book in our preferred cleaner (not mandatory but extremely effective)

Better still just choose BONDEASY®.





Complete everything in line with your Vacating Tenant Contract


Pay your rent up to date, hand in your keys on time, and have everything listed on your Vacating Tenant Contract back to us on or before your vacate date.


3. Tenant Cleaning Checklist

Click HERE to download the Tenant Cleaning Checklist


4. Tenant Repair Checklist

Click to download the Tenant Repair Checklist