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Termites, also known as White Ants live on a diet of dead plant material, generally wood and can cause thousands of dollars of damage if not caught quickly. A common myth is that brick homes or masonry block homes are safe. While it is true that termites do not eat or bore through masonry there are wood products in ALL homes.


Watch the video below to find out how you can save 1000’s of dollars by getting a termite inspection done.



Insurance does not cover damage from Termites!


Building insurance does not generally cover damage from Termites as they class this as preventable. So any costs to repair termite damage are at the home owners expense. Argh!



What is involved in a Termite Inspection?


A termite inspection is essential for early detection. Early Detection is critical in avoiding major repair costs. Termite Inspections costs $187 incl. GST. A qualified technician will assess the property, write a comprehensive report that compiles with current Australian standards and will provide details of:

  • Any termite activity found
  • Recommendations on improving the environment around the property
  • Evidence of previous Termite treatment
  • How susceptible the property is to Termites


Call our maintenance team NOW on (07) 4724 1723 or drop them a line at maintenance@coralseaproperty.com.au and they can arrange a Termite Inspection for you. Potentially saving you thousands in unnecessary repairs.



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