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By Elley Hudson 


“We quite often get mixed views from owners regarding whether they would allow a tenant with pets to reside at their property”.


“In my experience in Property Management I have also been asked the question many times and I always look to the benefits and for an investor, the question is ‘How is this going to affect my bottom line?’ For more information on whether you should have pets in your property or not, watch the video below:



Having Pets Can Pose a Risk!!


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Elley Hudson has returned for her second stint with Coral Sea Property returning from spending 2 years in Brisbane with a total of 7 years in the industry (5 years with Coral Sea Property Management).

“It is true, pets can pose a risk to a rental property because they increase the likelihood of damage or wear and tear however, we don’t have issues with bad pets, we have issues with bad tenants who have pets and by saying no to all pets, you could also be saying no to an awesome A grade tenant who has a pet”.


“Every property has a particular type of market and pet friendly properties are sure to attract tenants who have pets so by saying no to pets, you’re turning away a very large portion of your target market. This results in having to take a lower weekly rent amount or even worse, your property being vacant for a long period of time”.


“That’s why we always recommend being open to accepting a tenant with pets. We will manage your property ‘Like We Own It’ and will still conduct regular checks to ensure the property is being looked after and have a special clause in the tenant’s lease that makes your tenants responsible for any damage that the pet does”.


“That way, we can hold your tenants responsible for their pets and your bottom line will be better”!


Elley Hudson

Operations Manager




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