IMPORTANT – Upcoming changes that may affect you!!


There are some upcoming changes that you need to be aware of as we are updating our systems to make your life even easier! These are how they may affect you:


Your Money:

On the 1st December 2015 we will be changing to a different Banking Corporation.


This means, your disbursement on the 31st December 2015 may not clear in your account as quickly as usual. It will still clear in your account within the promised 4 business days from when you receive your statement. 



Your Statements:

On the 1st of December 2015 we will also be changing our Property Management Program.


This means, your statement on the 31st December 2015 will look different to the statements that you’re used to receiving. However, your new statement will be easier to read AND will have more information for you!



Property me

Your Annual Statements:

This will not affect your annual statement in June 2016 – all of your financial records will come across to our new Property Management Program.



Your Online Portal:

Your online portal for access to your property information will also change however, the new online portal provides significantly more information about your property, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! When you receive your statement on the 31st December 2015 you will be provided with a link to start using the new online portal.



Click here for more information about your new online portal.



Thank you for your TRUST!

As you can appreciate, with change comes challenges. Nothing that we won’t be able to handle however your patience will be appreciated during the month of December while we get these changes made. We really appreciate you trusting us with the management of your property and look forward to continuing to do what we can to make your experience with us stress free!


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