Valentines Day – Tenant Competition Winner! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR.





What should Coral Sea Property start doing?

Offending more of dem land-lubbin’ ship-ownin’ wankers who have der nerve ter try an’ rent properties thru filthy, red-coated, scurvy-ridden, smooth-talkin’ but nothin’ offerin’ property managers! They’re rentin cabins in me ship ‘ere ta pirate-scupperin sea dogs who ‘aven’t a clue howz ter keep a vessel in sea-farin’ shape!
An if ya Captin’ duzzent moind me sayin: a bit o buyin’ n sellin’ of pirate ships n cabins, as well as hirin’ them out, ‘d be bloody marvellous!! Coz if this boat’s up fer grabs youz der crew oid be prefferin ta dealz wit.

What should Coral Sea Propery stop doing?

Bad spellin’ – rare I knows, but it is there when yars looks!
I knows yer accent’s important in dees ‘ere international times, but bad spellin’ can lead to proper misunderstandins, ‘mongst der crew.

What should Coral Sea Property keep doing?

Der fact that humble pirate crew loiks meself can talk to yers without fear o’ walkin the plank or bein’ fed to der sharks. An dat yer issues bulletins regular fer us crews ter read, so’s we knows where we’z goin to next. An you ‘av pictures for dem of us who duzzent read so good.

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Additional Comments

To The Chairman:
My Valentine Validation!

I’m blinded by devotion
‘tho I bees a new recruit,
For our Beloved Chairman in his
Hat n patch n boots.

Oim so besotted herabouts
I’m polishin’ de brass
An scrubbin decks an cabins,
An oim gleamin up der glass!

I’m scraping limey barnacles
An’ patchin’ up the sails,
An oi’s battening the hatches
For der cyclones an der gales.

Oi sends me dubloons regular
An’ never yet been late,
An’ I watches fer der wankers
When dey packs up to vacate.

I hurls insults at ‘lubbers
Who come diggin ‘ere fer yer loot.
An oi’s watchin from der crows nest
For some scurvyless recruits!

So blinded by devotion
For our Chairman an ‘is crew
Dat oim wishin fresh sardines,
‘n chokkies, bloomin flow’rs fer you!



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