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Get more $$ in your Pocket!!

Did you know a well presented property means more rent, shorter vacancies, better tenants and your property is always ready to sell? Find out below how you can get more $$ in your pocket and keep your property at an A-Grade Standard.



What can I do to keep my property well presented?


There is a simple and easy solution to making your property well presented all year round!


Did you know that a lick of paint, new carpets and curtains can mean $1000’s of dollars back in your pocket? The mistake that a lot of owners make is not doing this minor upgrade often enough!




How often should I get minor upgrades to my property?


If you re-fresh the look of your property approximately every 3 years, your property will be much more sort after by prospective tenants which means when your property comes up for rent, prospective tenants will pay more for your property over others!


The power of presentation doesn’t just stop there either! Because your property is better presented, it will also attract a better quality of tenant!


By using this simple solution, you will also find that your investment property is always in prime condition to sell since the presentation is always at its best!



What will it cost me?


The cost of maintaining these upgrades may seem expensive but the more often you do it, the cheaper it becomes! This is because each time the painter goes through; there is less to do because they only need to do 1-2 coats of paint each time. Carpets and curtains will cost around the same each time however these don’t need to be done as often (ideally every 4-6 years).


The benefits don’t end there though; maintenance done on your property can also save you money at tax time as well!


Take advantage of this simple yet powerful solution; refurbish your property next time it comes up for rent and start enjoying every investors dream of achieving more rent and shorter vacancies!


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