Coral Sea Property Strike AGAIN!!



We’re making Headlines!!


Coral Sea Property seem to be making their mark in the real estate industry (them cheeky Pirates) by Featuring on Channel 7 Local (Townsville) News and The Townsville Bulletin (see below): 


“we thought good practice related to how well customers were treated, property management, returns provided and things such as vacancy rates and levels of arrears rather than an agency’s sense of humour”APPARENTLY NOT!!


News Article


Unsure what we’re talking about:


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Investor Magazine TP


Poking fun at other agents is just NOT ON!! (apparently)


Wahoo, it seems that by sticking up for the consumer and poking a little fun at the poor service offered by other agents we have again upset the corporate suits. 


We first upset them when we published everyone’s fees in our Townsville Investor Magazine.


Then we ruffled a lot more industry feathers when we released our 3 Guarantees and offered to be Truly accountable.


But now apparently, we’ve gone just 1 step to far!



What was our Crime?


Apparently If you want to stay in their club you shouldn’t be transparent, its bad to offer guarantees but you most certainly cannot…..


Poke fun at another agent and draw attention to their crap levels of service.


They (The self important corporate suits) have deemed our awesome monica signboard “Unprofessional”


They’ve gone and kicked us out of their kiddies club for having a sense of humour!


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