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Importance of the ‘RIGHT’ Landlord Insurer


Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance can cover you from a tenant defaulting on rent, lease break and re-letting costs as well as malicious damage caused by your tenant, that may not be covered under your standard home and contents policy!



Watch the video below to find out how you can risk losing 1000’s of dollars, the importance of having the right landlord insurance and the hidden clauses that may appear in your landlord insurance policy that you’re not aware of.



But Seriously folks it can and DOES happen…


Don’t get caught out and lose $1000s of dollars like these guys did. Call us now on (07) 4724 1723 and we’ll do the rest.


ELLEY HUDSONS RANT – Why Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance?


Without Terri Scheer Landlords Insurance or you could lose $1000’s!


Elley Hudson has returned for her second stint with Coral Sea Property returning from spending 2 years in Brisbane with a total of 7 years in the industry and is now a co-owner of the business. She has processed over 20 landlords insurance claims in her career and is disgusted at the empty promises other insurance companies make! Read what Elley has to say below.


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“All of the policies that I have dealt with say will cover the owner but they don’t! They have hidden clauses such as they won’t cover the first 4 weeks rent, they won’t cover re-letting costs, they won’t cover legal fees, they have a $500-$1000 excess for lost rent and this all comes as a surprise to the owner when it comes time to actually use their Insurance. Some companies even made it extremely difficult to lodge the claim and it took twice as long for them to process!”


“The Terri Scheer Claims I have processed have by far resulted in the best outcome for our landlords. Our Terri Scheer customers are the only ones who can sleep easy if there is a problem because they know they will get their lost $$ back”.


“Other insurance policies make this claim but don’t deliver”!


To make sure you’re fully covered – you must have Terri Scheer Landlords Insurance!!


Elley Hudson

Operations Manager


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