When your Lease Ends

Are you thinking about renewing your lease?

4 – 3 months out from your lease expiry date we will be in contact with you to see what you are doing at the end of your lease. Renewing before your lease end date will SAVE YOU MONEY and provide more security. We compare the property in the current market to see if its eligible for a rent increase to align it and ensure the owner isn’t missing out. You can choose to renew for any lease length as long as it’s within a June/ July or January/ February period.



** FACT. 6 and 12 month lease length periods is something that’s been made up by corporate wanker real-estate agents.


Please be aware if you are only after a shorter terms lease (6 months) you will have to offer extra towards the rental amount for the owner to accept a shorter terms lease as the property is an investment and owners want security out of their investment. 


Locking your renewal in early ensures security and the reason we approach you so early is to save YOU money. During June / July and January / February the market prices tend to increase because there is more people in the market and properties are on higher demand so by renewing in a different month you are saving yourself potentially a lot of money.


Let’s think about it. If you renew with a $10 increase over a 12 month period the total amount comes to $520 over the whole year.


What if you decide to vacate?

If you choose to vacate, these are potential costs you will have to consider:

  • Removalists (depending where your moving) – $ 700 – $ 1200
  • Professional Carpet cleaning – Approx. $50 + GST per room.
  • Bond cleaning (depending on how big the house is ) – $300 – $1000 + GST
  • Pest control treatment ( animals only) – $90 – $200
  • You will have to get your new bond amount together for the property your moving in to.



Total = Potentially over $2000 LOST!!


Vacating can be very stressful but avoidable if you call and discuss a new lease with us early. 


** Did you know that studies have revealed that vacating a property can be just as stressful as a death within the family or experiencing bankruptcy !


Should you chose to vacate we will email you all the relevant forms and assist you with it as much as possible.


** Did you know that when you renew your lease you get a bottle of wine to celebrate staying with your favourite agency 😉 . (That sounds better than staying up packing all night and dealing with other crumby agents).


Undecided? Want to stay in the property but not vacate or renew?




A periodic tenancy means you are living in the property on a day to day basis and can leave the property at any given time with minimal notice. This provides no security for yourself or the owner so to avoid a periodic tenancy we have an automatic increase of $50 per week on top of your rental amount. This acts as an incentive for you to make a decision.