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People’s needs for Townsville Rental Properties are as varied as the investment vehicles themselves. Some want to own their home outright, pay the kids’ university fees, or take world trips; while others want to start their own business or retire on a comfortable income.



The reality for most of us is that we won’t be able to afford these things on our salary alone (unless you’re fortunate enough to be the CEO of a major corporation). The key tosuccessful investment is to leverage, that is, to use borrowed funds to improve your capacity and increase your return.



Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I like to be worry free about anything financially related?
  • Can I confront ever increasing costs?
  • Can I afford to carry out my basic responsibilities as a parent?
  • Do I have adequate financial flexibility to create a better quality of life?
  • Could I fund re-education in the event of becoming unemployed?
  • Will I have adequate financial independence to really enjoy life and retire with financial confidence?
  • Do I trust in the outcomes of superannuation?



The majority of our clients have one or more of the following objectives:

  • To provide for a better lifestyle
  • To eliminate financial fear
  • To provide for specific financial hurdles
  • To better provide for future family responsibilities



These objectives usually stem from the belief that:

  • Financially, it is their responsibility to take control
  • Governments face an increase in welfare demands as the population ages
  • The outcome from this will be higher taxes, reduced services, or both
  • Employment security is no longer a right
  • Those who enjoy financial freedom provide it themselves
  • Financial freedom is most unlikely to result from saving disposable after tax income
  • Property is regarded as the safest, trusted, and most effective means of creating financial freedom and long term security.



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